PS46 was founded by two sisters, Kaci and Courtney, who will forever be teammates on and off the court. 

We've always joked that sports are in our blood. Our love for the game runs deep. Take one look at our family and you'll see we were destined to be athletes and sports fans. From generation to generation, our family - our home team - has included professional athletes, coaches, collegiate athletes, founders of sporting goods companies and other professionals in the sports world. There was no escaping it, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

From a young age, we've been running around fields and courts playing whatever sport was in season, eventually falling in love with the game of basketball - all the while, learning it's more than just a game. We've been shaped and formed by the sports we played, the leaders who coached us and the teammates we battled with. Sports taught us about hard work, determination and what it takes to achieve goals. It taught us confidence, leadership, how to work together and what it means to have a home team. 

There's another thing that runs in our blood. Entrepreneurship. We grew up watching and learning from parents and grandparents who have started and built their own businesses. It should've come as no surprise when we one day wanted to start one of our own. 

We each took our basketball careers on to the college level. When each of our times as athletes came to an end, we transitioned into working in sports - Kaci as a sports broadcaster and Courtney as a college basketball coach. We each still work in those fields full-time while running PS46.