Follow Me To: Nashville

When your little sister is your best friend and the person you want to do every step of life with - big or small - you make a pact to take a sister trip every year. There are so many wonderful places we want to explore together that we easily have the next five trips planned out. But first... Sister Trip 2016 took us to Nashville in April. 

I’ll start by saying we LOVE Nashville. The neighborhoods, the food scene, music, coffee shops - everything about this town is beyond perfect. There is certainly no shortage of things to explore. 

That being said, Nashville also has Anna. She’s one of our sweetest friends from Hope College and the true reason for Nashville being our sister trip destination. The biscuit french toast, wine tasting, hikes and shopping were all great, but simply the quality time spent between the three of us was more than enough. You know those people who allow you to come just as you are, love you for it, but also inspire you to be an even better version of you? Those are the keepers, friends. Hold on to them, tight. Anna is one of those people for us. 

One of the days of our trip, Anna drove us out to Franklin, TN. An adorable small town that she knew we’d love and would remind us a little of the college home we all shared in Holland, MI. While in Franklin, we stopped into the cutest shop called Philanthropy. A portion of all their sales are donated to different charity organizations they work with. Philanthropy does this with the intention to become a catalyst for teaching the joy of giving while making a real impact in specific and targeted ways. Coolest store ever, am I right? But also, so special to us. 

You see, a couple years earlier, Anna went into Philanthropy and discovered their Prayer Wall -- a wall covered in prayer requests, where you could take an empty tag, write your own and hang it up. At the time, my mom was fighting kidney disease and waiting on a transplant. Anna texted a picture of the prayer wall to Courtney, explaining what it was and that she’d written a prayer on a tag for our mom and hung it on the wall. (Told you Anna is the best.)

Fast forward to this trip, and there we were standing in front of that very prayer wall. Only this time, it’s been just over a year since Momma K received her life-saving kidney transplant. God is good. So, so good.