Must-Have Jewelry for Every Day

When it comes to jewelry, it’s no surprise that I like to stick to classic, dainty, must-have pieces. There are always so many jewelry trends that come and go but dainty, simple jewelry will always be classic and never go out of style. These are the pieces that you never have to take off whether you’re wearing athleisure, jeans + a tee or dressing up for a date night.

I get questions all the time about which pieces to invest in, how to decide what jewelry to add to your collection, which pieces go together, how to layer them… so I wanted to put together this list of the must-have jewelry that every woman should own. These are the pieces that you’ll be reaching for over and over again.

My last note before we dig into the list is that I believe in quality when it comes to everyday pieces. With dainty, gold (or rose gold or silver too!) pieces, I want jewelry that I never have to take off. That means spending a little bit more for 14K Gold Fill or solid 14K gold, rather than plated. Gold-filled jewelry has a much higher amount of gold than gold plated (almost 100% more gold) — this means it won’t turn or tarnish, it’s safe for those with metal allergies and it will last much, much longer (like 10-30 years longer). Same goes for 14K Rose Gold Fill or Sterling Silver. Just something to consider when shopping for pieces you intend to wear often or daily!

Everyday Necklace

The piece you never take off. The best part about my PS46 necklaces and why I stick to dainty, gold pieces is you can really pick just about any of my necklaces as your everyday piece — a Disc Necklace, Bar Necklace, Half Moon, Mini Moon, the options are endless.

If you’re looking for some direction (because it really is so hard to pick one!), you can never go wrong with a Disc Necklace (Mini, Small or Medium). They really are so easy to layer with anything else you put on. For me lately, it’s my Mini Disc Necklace. It’s so dainty and tiny that I can literally wear it with anything and everything.

For your everyday necklace, I’d recommend a 16 or 17” length.

Longer Statement Necklace

I get questions all the time about how to layer necklaces and how to decide which piece to add to your collection next. The easiest next step is to add a necklace that’s a little longer. Some of my favorite picks for this would be a Large Disc Necklace (my personal go-to), a Cross Necklace, a Vertical Bar or Horizontal Bar Necklace.

I’d make this piece anywhere from 18-22” depending on the length of your everyday necklace. The larger the difference in length, the less likely they are to tangle — but the overlapped layering look is really in right now too, so it’s really up to you and what style layers you like!


Chokers may seem like more of a trend, but a dainty, gold choker really is a must-have. If I really want an extra layered look or to dress things up more with some added sparkle, I add a choker into the mix with my everyday necklace and longer statement necklace.

The Lace Chain Choker from my shop is the easiest to pull off and if you’re hesitant about chokers, I definitely recommend starting there. It’s a barely-there kind of necklace and simple enough to wear everyday if you want, like I did all last summer!

The Coin Chain Choker makes a little more of a statement and I love it when I dress up. The chain is a little bolder, but is such a fun look.

Stud Earrings

Your everyday go-to pairs that are perfect for a minimalist vibe. I’d suggest multiple pairs if you’re anything like me and tend to lose them (🙈). Some super simple stud earring options are coming soon to my shop, but here are some great options in the meantime.

Statement Earrings

For when you dress things up a little or just to add some fun to an otherwise more casual look. You all know me and my love for all things simple, dainty and classic so I’m not one to go for the super bold or bright statement earrings here. I tend to stick to gold and love a good hoop earring, tassel earring or I’m loving (and already ordered a pair!) the Julia Earrings from Natalie Borton’s shop. They launch today at 9AM PST — her pieces always go quickly, so check ‘em out and grab a pair while you can. I’m snagging the pair on the far right!

Dainty Bracelet Stack

Like an everyday necklace, these are pieces I never take off. Like seriously, they’ve been on my wrists for years now. I used to never wear bracelets because of how active I am and they just always seemed to be in the way… enter dainty, stacking bracelets. These barely-there bracelets come with me now to the gym, to the beach on vacation, in the shower, to bed — they never come off whether I’m in athleisure or dressed up for a night out.

My duo includes the Coin Chain Bracelet + a personalized Disc Bracelet (or Leave the 99 Bracelet). You could also add or swap one out for a Lace Chain Bracelet.

Cuff Bracelet

Gold Cuff Bracelets are classic + timeless, and adds a little extra to a dainty, everyday bracelet stack. My 14K Gold Fill Cuff Bracelet is personally, my most meaningful piece of jewelry I own. Mine is stamped with our wedding date in Roman Numerals and I wore it down the aisle on our wedding day. Every time I put it on it takes me right back to that day.

My Cuff Bracelets can be personalized with wedding dates, birthdates, kids’ names, favorite verses or even coordinates of somewhere special.

Stacking Rings

My newest obsession. I can’t get enough of dainty, gold rings lately and just love the way they looked whether worn alone or stacked, on one or every finger. I’ve been wearing one of each of the four stacking rings in my shop lately and only take them off to go to the gym.

You can choose between the Thin Round Stacking Ring, Sparkle Stacking Ring, Heart Stacking Ring or CZ Stacking Ring — but I really love them best with multiple stacked together!

What are your must-have jewelry pieces?

I’d love to hear if you’re grabbing any from my list to add to your collection!

photography by: Lauren Neal