30+ Favorite Finds on Amazon

Raise your hand if you’re an Amazon addict like me! 🙋🏼‍♀️ I know I’m not alone because when I polled you girls on Instagram stories about future content, this was easily the most requested post. I knew you were my people. From prime shipping to the amazing deals, I love that you all love a good Amazon find as much as I do.

I dug through my Amazon order history to compile a list of all my favorites for you, plus some things I’ve had my eye on to try. From books to beauty to clothes and more, no matter which category you’re interested in, I’ve got ya covered. Do you have any of these items? Any you use and love as much as I do? What’s your favorite Amazon buy ever? Let me know in the comments or send me a DM on Instagram. Maybe I’ll even put together a post with all of your favorites next!

Favorite Finds on Amazon

1. Gallon Water Bottle | 2. New Balance Sneakers | 3. Magnesium Gummies | 4. Weighted Blanket | 5. Rotating Skincare + Makeup Organizer | 6. 90 Degrees Leggings | 7. Panama Straw Hat | 8. Ember Mug | 9. Striped Tee | 10. iPhone Stand | 11. Ice Roller | 12. Girl, Stop Apologizing

Amazon Fashion

90 Degree Leggings - Only $25 and a pretty good dupe for Lululemon leggings, somewhere between Wunder Unders and Align Pants. Definitely size down. I got a medium and need a small.

Button-Down White Beach Cover Up - excited to bring this on spring break!

Panama Straw Hat - definitely coming with me on spring break too - only $15!

The Best Striped Tee - everything by Amazon’s brand, Daily Ritual, is awesome. Love the stretchy material of this basic tee and will probably order in black and/or white too.

White Reebok Sneakers - I’d been eyeing these sneakers for the longest time and they’re cheaper on Amazon than everywhere else I’ve seen them.

My Favorite New Balance Sneakers (on sale for $41!) - grab these while they’re on sale! I wear mine all. the. time.


Preach to Yourself by Hayley Morgan - I love Hayley’s writing and am excited to read this one. She wrote it for any woman who struggles with negative self-talk to show you how to instead speak God’s truth into your life.

New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp - my favorite morning devotional

Thirty-One Prayers for my Husband - my married girls, this will transform the way you pray for your husband. Definitely recommend.

Thirty-One Prayers for my Wife - grab the version for him while you’re at it! I gave the duo to Kurt for Christmas for us to both read.

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis - got this in the mail the other day and am so excited! I loved her first book and am saving this one for spring break but can’t wait to read.

Homebody by Joanna Gaines - because everything Joanna does is gold. Makes a great coffee table book.

Health + Fitness

Gallon Water Bottle - saw Landyn and Beth Chappo from Seersucker & Saddles with this gallon water bottle to track your daily water intake and had to have it.

Elderberry Gummies - I swear these really do help keep you from getting sick!

Magnesium Gummies - did you know up to 90% of Americans are magnesium deficient? I started taking these at night both to help with migraines and falling asleep (it calms your nervous system, aka restless legs). Plus, they’re like a little sweet treat before bed.

BCAA’s - I get the watermelon flavor. These help protect my muscles and get me through intermittent fasting.


Translucent Face Powder - use this to set my concealer — works great and is a steal.

Beautyblender Holder - such a random find but is perfect for holding my beauty blender

Rosewater Facial Spray - haven’t tried this yet but have heard of so many people who are obsessed with this product.

My Favorite Under Eye Patches - the best after a late night. Pro tip: storing them in the fridge makes them extra refreshing.

Brow Tint Kit - one of my favorite, random Amazon finds. Kathleen Post shared a tutorial with this kit for how she tints her brows at home so I ordered and gave it a try. SO easy and SO good. I’ll never pay to have them tinted again and that’s saying a lot for someone with invisible blonde brows like me.

Ice Roller - one of my favorite under $15 buys in a long time. There are so many amazing benefits to ice rolling, like — lymphatic drainage an de-puffing, soothing and reducing inflammation, help with headaches, plus it feels like an at-home spa treatment.

Tinkle Face Razors - for at home derma planing. Trust me, your face will feel so smooth and soft. My girl Landyn has a full tutorial (called Girl, shave your face 🤣) saved on her IGTV if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Skincare/Makeup Organizer - our master bathroom in our new house has awful storage so I ordered this and so far it’s been a game changer.

Aztec Secret Clay Face Mask - the mask I shared on stories the other night that I found out you girls LOVE. I tried it with water the first time but lots of you told me it’s even better mixed with apple cider vinegar.


Passion Planner - the new planner I just ordered and shared on stories this week! Loving it so far.

Weighted Blanket - okay, guys. This might be my favorite thing on the list. Like I mentioned earlier, I get restless legs at night and this blanket has helped so much. It’s a 15 pound blanket by Calming Comfort and the box says it feels like a hug (they’re not wrong!).

Ember Mug - one of my other very favorite items on this list. Shoutout to my husband who got me the blanket and this mug for Christmas. If you work at home, are a mom or just find yourself reheating your coffee often, you need this. The mug keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature (that you set) for hours!

Blue Light Glasses - only $20. I spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen or my phone for work and get migraines so these are great to protect my eyes from blue light.

LV Dupe Wallet - the wallet I currently use. It’s a really good dupe and even if you’re not into that, a pretty good quality wallet too. And only $15.

Laptop Sleeve - my sister, Courtney, bought this first and I immediately ordered it. Super cute, simple laptop sleeve for a good price.

iPhone Stand - one of the most random items on the list but also one of my most used. It’s always holding my phone on my desk while I stamp orders so I can easily see when messages and notifications come in (or if I’m being honest so I can watch Instagram stories sometimes while I stamp 😂)

Nespresso Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla Pods - just tried these for the first time and loved them!

Nespresso Volluto Pods - my usual go-to Nespresso pods

My Office Rug - such a steal for a super cute, great quality rug!

Buffalo Plaid Pillow Covers - might be swapping these out soon for something more spring but loved them on our couch through fall and winter.

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