Introducing: The Within Her Podcast!

My vision for Within Her was to create a space where I believe women need to hear encouragement: specifically, I want to speak into the idea of owning our stories. I believe that sharing our stories is powerful and when we share them, God uses our stories to show up in the lives of other women. I’ll be interviewing women for most of our episodes, while also sharing my own story in others… I can’t wait to introduce you to some women who have incredible stories to share, stories of how God’s shown up in their lives, how they’ve grown more confident in Him. We’re going to talk about what God’s teaching them, what they’ve learned, what they’ve struggled with, what challenges they’re facing and how they’re growing closer and spending time with God along the way. 

For those of you who are new here, and maybe found this podcast through one of my wonderful guests or have never heard of me or my business… I’m also the founder of PS46, short for Psalm 46:5, that says “God is within her, she will not fall.” At PS46, we create gifts + resources for a community of women who are seeking intentional growth in their God-given confidence. 

I’m so honored every day to get to connect with thousands of you, women all across the country, through my business, through jewelry that I stamp to represent your stories. I’ll share more of my story in one of these first few episodes, but I’ve followed the somewhat unlikely path of college athlete to sports broadcaster to business owner. Over the years, as I’ve followed God’s lead, my business has grown and evolved from a small Etsy shop that I did on the side while I was still in broadcasting, making mugs with my sister and eventually hand-stamping jewelry… to a place now where it’s so much more than that. God’s shown me a bigger vision for this business than I could imagine through pieces that directly reflect His character and His word becoming the most popular pieces in the shop. I get to hear your stories, the stories of women who shop with me and how the pieces we create impact you and serve as a reminder to trust God with the difficult seasons you’re walking in. 

Something else you should know about me is that I love to cheer other women on. So this podcast is an amazing opportunity for me to do that in many ways. I want it to be fun and inspiring and to give you practical, tangible tips to help you in your life and your story. I want to use it to cheer you on. 

I also want to shout from the rooftops about some amazing women that I’m lucky enough to know and talk to or even just interview for this podcast. I’m excited for more people to hear their stories and to hear what God is doing in and through them in their normal, everyday lives. 

My prayer for this podcast is that it’s an extension of what PS46 has grown into. In a completely new way, we’ll continue to tell stories. And through them I hope to drive home this truth that God created you intentionally, for a purpose and you can be confident in that. 

If you’re in, please subscribe to the podcast. Tell a friend about it. Share your favorite episodes and takeaways. I’m so excited for you to hear from these women, to hear their stories and to encourage and inspire you to step more confidently into the life God has called you to. I’m so glad you’re here.