Five Things I'm Loving Lately

Happy almost weekend, friends! I've got a packed one ahead of me but I'm so excited. Tomorrow morning from 10-4 is The City Flea at Washington Park. I haven't done a City Flea since last summer but it's always so much fun setting up shop alongside tons of other local vendors. 

I also can't wait for Sunday. I've loved Dottie Couture Boutique for awhile now online but have never gotten to go to the shop. And surprise, I'll be doing a live-stamping pop up shop at their store from 12-4 on Sunday! So excited to meet the Dottie girls and stamp some custom pieces for you Indianapolis ladies. 

I had another blog post or two planned for this week, but honestly, they just didn't get done. There is A LOT of craziness happening behind the scenes over here that I'm thrilled about and it kept me pretty busy this week. That being said, I thought I'd do a quick round up of five things I'm loving lately. 

1. The workout guide I can't get enough of.

I mentioned on my Instagram story yesterday that I'd share this and it's actually the blog post I intended to publish today, so more on this soon, BUT... I've been loving this Love HIIT Body Guide by Sara Wardell from Love by Lynn. Her circuits are quick (most can be done in about 30 minutes) and they work! 

I completed her guide (almost - slacked a little during wedding week) the last 4 weeks before our wedding and noticed a big difference in that short time. I love the feeling of getting stronger each week and seeing those results with more toned arms, shoulders and legs. I jumped right back in once we got back from the honeymoon - mixing up circuits from the guide and from Sara's Instagram. I'll share more detail soon + will be checking back in with results after I complete another 4 weeks!

2. This pullover. And the Abercrombie sale. 

I bought this fleece asymmetrical snap pullover during the last Abercrombie sale and it's finally cool enough to pull it out. I've worn it twice this week and can't get enough. They have very limited sizes left at the moment, but the rest of the sale is great too. I picked up this textured cardigan I've had my eye on for awhile now + these gray joggers. The sale is up to 40% off + an additional 25% off your purchase. Here are a few of my other favorites below. 


3. These cuties I made for a couple new mommas with their sweet babies' initials.

Personalized necklaces make the perfect gift, especially for new moms.

Loving the idea of giving our PS46 3/8" disc necklace as a gift to new moms. I always enjoy knowing the meaning or story behind what you all have me stamp on your jewelry, and especially with the holidays coming up, this makes the most precious gift for moms. You can shop them here. 

4. ALL the athleisure. 

One of the things I have "learned" in my first couples months of self-employment is that I now LIVE in athleisure. And yes, I put learned in quotations because this came as no shock to me and was one of the things I was most excited for about working from home. 

Working from home means I often stay in my workout clothes far too long after I've left the gym, but even after I finally shower and change, it's right back into leggings, joggers, etc. I love finding ways to style and wear athletic wear out of the house. (In fact, I'm thinking a post on this may be in order soon!)

Below are a few of my favorites or items on my list to buy this fall. 

5. This podcast by Julie Solomon. 

I love a good podcast. Especially on a walk or while doing cardio at the gym. The Influencer Podcast has quickly become my go-to. Julie always has on THE best guests that I'm eager to learn from... and what I believe is key is that they focus on practical advice and information that I can actually take and apply to my business and blog. 

This episode with Lauryn Evarts of the Skinny Confidential is her newest and one of my new favorite episodes. SO many great tips. I'm also so excited to listen to her recent episode with Amy Porterfield. 

Kaci Kust