How was the wedding? | #TeamKKWedding

I thought I'd start off the Team KK Wedding posts by introducing you to my other half. I feel so incredibly lucky to be married to this amazing, kind, Godly man who leads us so well every day. To kick off this series of wedding posts, I thought I'd let you all hear from him, so we'll start with a guest post written by my sweet, sweet husband. 

Seaside Chapel Wedding in Seaside, Florida

How was the wedding?

That seems to be a question I’m getting pretty good at answering the last few weeks. And I could make this post really short by giving the truest answer...


But why? What made it so amazing?

Kaci and I keep hearing from our friends that our wedding was so glorifying to God. That it was awesome to see the sweet, intimate community we’ve built around us. That it embodied our relationship so well. 

When Kaci and I first started planning our wedding and going through our premarital counseling, we felt uncomfortable about the idea that the whole weekend would be about us. We knew that’s not what marriage was really all about and we wanted to make sure those that sacrificed to be there with us knew it, too. 

There were two things that were really important to us as we planned one of the most beautiful days of our lives. 

1. God wasn’t just at the center of our marriage. He was the real reason we were there to celebrate. Our marriage is to be a reflection of His relationship with the Church and our wedding was an opportunity to worship Him. To that end, our vows weren’t the typical, love-at-first-sight and grow-old-together renditions that you often hear. Not that there is anything wrong with those vows, but we wanted to make sure our vows reflected our hearts. To create them, we borrowed from the book that helped prepare our hearts for marriage in light of eternity, You and Me Forever. The authors, Francis and Lisa Chan, write an amazing prayer at the end of the book for their readers. If you’re married, engaged, dating or even think that you’d like to be one day, I’d highly recommend you give it a read. We used that prayer to write these vows for our (His) big day:

I promise to love you deeply,

and together fear God greatly.

I promise to love you for His sake.

I vow to show the humility of Christ in the way I treat you.

I vow to enjoy you,

without neglecting His mission.

I promise to remember the brevity of life,

so we share His good news urgently.

I commit to facing rejection and trials joyfully.

When we are prone to fight,

I promise to fight together and to fight for Him.

I promise to spend our married days,

reminding each other of His glory,

His gospel,

His love,

His power,

His mission,

and His promise of what is to come.


2. We had only gotten to this point because of our amazingly supportive community and our marriage would only be successful if we could count on that community into the future. We wanted to celebrate them and ask to count on their accountability, love and prayerful support. 

To each of you that chose to be there with us, to celebrate His grace and love through our commitment to Him and to each other, we are forever grateful. We love you. 

To our parents, we are so appreciative of all that you did to make our day possible, but even more so for the examples of love, commitment and faithfulness each of you are to us and our community of friends. We love you. 

To our bridal party, I’d put you up against anybody. You are the greatest friends this Team could ask for. Thank you for being there with us and for doing life with us. We love you. 

To Todd & Beth, thank you for leading us so well, asking the tough questions, encouraging us to be bold in our love for one another and our love for our Father. Thank you for helping us worship Him on our special day and for being our prayer warriors as we do our best to reflect His Love.

To Darris, you are in our prayers daily. You are a true servant and God’s plans for your eternity will undoubtedly be beautiful. We love you, brother. 

To Courtney (MOH), I am so grateful to have another amazing sister. You are such a sweet friend to my beautiful wife and such a leader in every way. Thank you for the way you’ve gracefully honored Kaci and I and embraced me as your brother. We love you. 

To Chadwick (Best Man), you really are my brother. Thank you for leaning into His vision with me always, for challenging me no matter how uncomfortable and for encouraging me when I lose sight of His glory. 

To my beautiful wife, thank you for making my job as a husband easy. Thank you for encouraging me, trusting me and teaming with me as we seek to love each other well by loving Him deeply. 

To our Father, you are Good, truly Good. Give us strength, wisdom and courage to follow you at all costs. We are humble enough to know we can’t do this without you and trust you enough to know you will never give us more than we can handle. We love you. 

To those reading this, I hope you will always seek deep, genuine community, encourage bold conversation and real relationship, and always endeavor to live your lives in the perspective of Eternity. 

With love and humility,

The Other KK